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International Access Number is very pleased to expand its service to more than 40 countries all over the world. Now you not only can call your friends and family around the world, but also they can call you back using the same calling card you purchased. Also you can use these international access numbers when you travel abroad to call back the US or any other destination in the world at the same rate as if you are calling from the united states. Please check availability from the list below.
Calling Instructions: (Please note that you have to dial any destination using the following method)
1. Dial the international Access Number
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN
3. For Calls to the U.S., Canada & Caribbean: Dial 1+ area code + the phone number
4. For any other international calls: Dial 011 + Country code + city code + The phone number To make another call , don't hang up.
press pound key [#] two times
Argentina - Buenos Aires (11) 52354927
Australia - Sydney (2)85996199
Czech Republic
Czech Republic - Prague (2)34280629
Mexico - Cancun (998)9800878
Mexico - Guadalajara (33)85262347
Mexico - Mexico City DF (55)41696366
Mexico - Queretaro (442)3885449
Mexico - San Luis Potosi (444)2120063
Mexico - Veracruz (229)3073239
New Zealand
New Zealand - Auckland (9)8896574
Poland - Warsaw (22)2098923
Sweden - Stockholm (8)12111168
United Kingdom
United Kingdom - Bangor (2891)898551
United Kingdom - Bristol (117)4090220
United Kingdom - Glasgow (141)5360295
United Kingdom - Glasgow (141)5360295
United Kingdom - London (20) 80890065

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