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Wireless Refill Card Information
Refill Amount
Life Time (Days)
Number of Minutes
varies by plan
varies by plan
varies by plan
varies by plan
varies by plan
Additional Card Information

- TEXT MESSAGING: For the 10ยข minute plan: $0.20/ message sent & received ; $0.25 picture/multi-media messaging

- DATA SERVICES: $0.01 per 5 KB, (not available for smartphones)

- LONG DISTANCE: Domestic LD Included for both rate options. LD to Canada is an extra $0.19/min and to Mexico is additional $0.10/min. See provider for more country rates

- CARRIER CONTACT: or Dial 1-800-901-9878

Refill Instructions

- Some AT&T refill PINs do not work if loaded via their website. Please try to remove the spaces/dashes (if there is any) before copying the PIN to AT&T website. Or you may try loading the PIN directly to your cellphone by following this sequence:
PRESS *888* + PIN number + # + SEND (ex. *888*1234567891234# then hit the Send button)

- To load PIN beginning with "30104-", please call 1-800-403-7801 and follow the instructions OR follow the *888* loading instuctions above to load the PIN using your GoPhone.

- For TDMA phones: PRESS #20 + (PIN number) + # + SEND.
Or, dial 611 (or 1-800-901-9878 ) from your wireless phone - a free call. Follow the instructions to add the PIN value to your account. You can also use 611 to check your account balance.

If you are a new AT&T GoPhone Customer and have never used your phone before, you need to activate your phone by calling 1-877-426-0525

Card Value
Card Quantity

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